The 31-year-old policeman continues to fight for his life and is hospitalized in a serious condition and intubated at the General State Hospital of Nice.

The 31-year-old who was seriously injured by a naval flare during the incidents at the Olympiacos – Panathinaikos volleyball match in Rentis, is hospitalized under sedation and with mechanical support, according to the SKAI report.

His trauma is deep enough that doctors are fighting to keep him alive.

At the same time, the bleeding is controlled, but the doctors are afraid that there will be no infection in the wound.

EL.AS investigations are ongoing

At the same time, EL.AS investigations are in full progress to identify the perpetrator who threw the naval flare at the 31-year-old policeman.

As pointed out by the press representative of EL.AS. Constantia Dimoglidou, “there is a large amount of data being examined” The authorities are expected to send this data today, Sunday or tomorrow Monday to the criminal laboratories in order to make an attempt to identify traces of fingerprints and genetic prints.

In fact, due to the large amount of data, EL.AS is expected to create a list of the main suspects in order to have quick results, according to the reporter of SKAI, Yiannis Souliotis who spoke on the show “Dekatianoi”.

Authorities have collected items found both inside and outside the stadium.

According to information from SKAI, the police officers stated in their statements that they received three naval flares, so it is possible that they were thrown by three different people.

The police are also looking into the presence of two people who were outside the stadium and who allegedly gave directions and instructions to the group of hooligans who attacked the police forces.

“Investigations are in full progress. There is information about what happened that night, such as that some people might have been called afterwards, maybe some people didn’t enter the stadium,” Mrs. Dimoglidou characteristically said.