Dimitsana, a historical and heroic place, has been declared a preserved traditional stone-built settlement and is one of the most beautiful places in the Peloponnese, for every season of the year.

The amphitheatrically built settlement offers a unique view and fascinates every traveler with its towering stone-built mansions, Byzantine churches and monuments that bear witness to its glorious historical past.

Center and at the same time feeder – in animate and inanimate material – of the revolutionary struggle of 1821, Dimitsana was the powder storehouse of the struggle, as its legendary powder mills continuously supplied the fighters of Roumeli and Morea.

The driving force of the local community has been hydroelectricity, exploiting the power of the region’s abundant waters. Flour mills, water mills and tanneries contributed to its economic prosperity. The legendary Lousios River, a place of outstanding natural beauty and historical importance, is dotted with historical and religious monuments, worth visiting.