Christmas: See restaurants to order dinner on the date in SP, including vegan options


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There are two weeks left until Christmas and it’s time to think about dinner for the date. Those who don’t have time or don’t want to spend the night with their bellies in front of the stove have the alternative of ordering a ready-made meal.

Restaurants, rotisseries and bakeries in the capital of São Paulo offer complete suppers or à la carte dishes to be received at home or picked up. There are more traditional options, as well as others with Arabic, Italian recipes and vegetarian and vegan versions.

Christmas dinner dishes from Make Hommus Not War restaurant

Christmas dinner at Make Hommus restaurant. Not War – Pedro Ferrarezzi/Disclosure

The list below brings together places to place orders. Prices start at less than R$100. Orders must be placed in advance, so keep an eye on deadlines at each location.

Casa Santa Luzia

The traditional emporium offers a Christmas menu with around 90 items, including starters, main dishes and desserts, including vegetarian options. It is possible to order items such as baked brie with puff pastry and honey, served with chestnuts (R$ 45; 280 g), tender marinated with cachaça and orange and pineapple sauce (R$ 146; 500 g) and cod with olive oil and pink pepper , accompanied by punched potatoes (R$ 406 per kilo).
Al. Lorena, 1,471, Jardim Paulista, western region, Orders can be placed in person until 12/24 or until the house reaches the production limit

Dalva and Dito

Alex Atala’s restaurant, run by chef José Guerra, sells frozen dishes to be finished at home. On the menu, the lamb shoulder is stuffed with chestnuts and herbs (R$ 470; 1 kg), the loin cup has dried fruit farofa and bacon (R$ 320; 1 kg) and the whole roast turkey costs R$ 600 ( 4 kg). The meats can be served with lentil rice (R$90) or garlic farofa (R$70). Shrimp pies (R$ 300; 1 kg), cod pies (R$ 380; 1 kg) and walnut pies (R$ 290) complete the selection.
R. Padre João Manuel, 1,115, Cerqueira César, western region, @dalvaedito. Orders by 12/18 via tel. (11) 3068-4444

Dona Deôla

The highlights of the bakery’s Christmas menu, which has five units, are the classic baked goods, such as the chester stuffed with almond farofa, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts, served with caramelized pear (R$ 332.40; for six) and the turkey filled with bacon farofa with dried fruits in wine sauce, caramelized onions and mushrooms (R$554; for ten). Options are also offered per kilo, such as Gomes de Sá cod (R$ 176) and ham with Cabernet Sauvignon sauce (R$ 107.80).
Av. Prof. Fagundes Filho, 805, Saúde, southern region, Orders by 12/22 by tel. (11) 3564-4005

Emporio Fasano

The Fasano group’s luxury rotisserie was opened last year and has just been expanded. For Christmas, it offers à la carte dishes and a closed menu, which costs from R$1,515.55 for six people to R$3,079.55 for 12. Among the recipes are the traditional burrata (R$240; 1 kg), salmon with dried fruits (R$ 380; 1 kg), roast pork loin (R$ 310; 1 kg), cod brandade (R$ 370; 1 kg) and brie and apricot ravioli (R$ 75 ; 300 g). To conclude, the flagship is the tiramisú (R$ 350; 1 kg).
R. Bela Cintra, 2,245, Jardins, western region, @emporiofasano. Orders via email contato@fasanoemporio or tel. (11) 3896-4300

Santa Maria Emporium

It offers around 50 cold and hot starters, salads, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. There are preparations such as roast brisket finished with caramelized onions and cucumber pickles (R$ 290 per kilo), roast veal shank with truffle parsley, served with grilled vegetables (R$ 420 per kilo), and zucchini terrine with goat cheese (R$ 420 per kilo) R$ 280 per kg).
Shopping Morumbi – Av. Roque Petroni Jr., 1,089, Morumbi, western region. Orders by 14/12 by email [email protected] or WhatsApp (11) 95818-7139 or (11) 98217-6205

Il Pastaio

The rotisserie founded in the 1970s by a couple of Italian immigrants prepares a special menu for dinner. In the meat section, there is turkey stuffed with sweet or savory farofa (R$ 149 per kg) and loin stuffed with farofa drizzled with Madeira sauce (R$ 145 per kg). Among the pastas, green rondelli with ricotta, nuts and raisins (R$ 115 per kg) and brie cheese rigatoni with apricot (R$ 124 per kg). To sweeten it, struffoli is a typical sweet with dough fried into balls drizzled with honey (R$ 102 per kg).
Al. Santos, 44, Paraíso, southern region, @ilpastaio_rotisserie. Orders by 12/20 via tel. (11) 3289-8897 or WhatsApp (11) 96383-5158

Jackfruit Bô-Ah

The vegan kitchen, created by mother and daughter, prepares starters, mains, side dishes and desserts for Christmas, which can be purchased individually or in packages, for prices from R$476 to R$1,500. The menu features recipes such as pea-based roast accompanied by roasted potatoes in gravy (R$ 290; 1.6 kg), jackfruit gratin with garlic, olive oil, cashew nut cream and potatoes (R$ 180 ; 900 g) and a salad of vegetable protein, celery, green corn, carrots, raisins and vegan cream cheese (R$ 86; 600 g). To top it off, order the famous brigadeiros, made with coconut milk, demerara sugar and cocoa (R$56 for nine pieces).
R. Tupi, 177, Santa Cecília, central region, @jacaboah. Orders until 12/20 via

Roast with mushrooms from Jaca Bô-Ah's Christmas menu

Pea-based roast with mushrooms, from Jaca Bô-Ah – Pedro Ferrarezzi/Disclosure

Leitão Zinn

The brand launched this year by Daniela Coelho, at the helm of Café Zinn, is focused on the delivery of pork preparations and has special suggestions for the festivities. The so-called Minas Gerais banquet is made up of half a strip of roasted gilt, rice, tropeiro beans, mayonnaise and green apple vinaigrette. It is offered for four people (R$389) or for six (R$469). Another suggestion is the Minas Gerais pig (R$ 85 per kilo). For dessert, the choice is the crispy apple and vanilla pie (R$ 119).
R. Haddock Lobo, western region. Orders via WhatsApp (11)97884-5867

Make Hummus. Not War

The house’s dinner has a Middle Eastern touch, designed by chef Fred Caffarena. There are 11 dish options, available in small or large sizes. Among them, pumpkin kibbeh stuffed with pepper paste with walnuts and pomegranate (R$ 115; 850 g), lamb sausage with grilled spices, finished with hazelnuts (R$ 180; 850 g), roast turkey with herbs and molasses of grapes, filled with grape cigars (R$ 680) and kunefe, semolina pie with cheese, topped with pistachios and sugar syrup (R$ 280; 900 g).
R. Oscar Freire, 2,270, Pinheiros, western region, @makehommus. Orders by 12/20 via WhatsApp (11) 99176-5171

Mena Gastrobar

From starter to dessert, the restaurant offers a variety of ready-made recipes, including vegetarian and vegan ones. To start the meal, the couscous can be made with sardines (R$ 79.90 for medium), sardines with shrimp (R$ 95.90) ​​or vegan (R$ 71.90). Of the roasts, the chicken is stuffed with bacon farofa, Calabrian sausage, onion and carrot (R$ 85.90 per kilo) and the pork loin is glazed in orange or mustard sauce (R$ 104.90 per kilo) . The vegan rigatoni is prepared with mushroom sauce (R$ 99.90 per kilo).
Pça. Ituzaingó, 42, Tatuapé, eastern region, menagastrobar. Orders by phone. (11) 2672-2011 or WhatsApp (11) 94707-4381

Table 3 Pastificio

A reference in the production of artisanal pasta, chef Ana Soares’ rotisserie offers a special menu for the occasion. There are starters such as tapenada (R$55; 200 g) accompanied by tostadas (R$26; 100 g) and chèvre cheese and tomato pie (R$190). In the main stage, the cappelino with raw ham and hazelnuts (R$ 72; 400 g) and the panzerotti with stracciatella, green apple and lemon (R$ 72; 400 g) are washed down with your choice of sauces. There is also meat: turkey with pistachio farofa, apricot and herbs (R$ 261; 800 g) and wood-fired lamb shank with garlic and spices (R$ 385; 1.1 kg).
R. Dr. Paulo Vieira, 21, Sumaré, western region, @mesa3_rotisseria. Orders by 12/12 for the tel. (11) 3868-5501 and WhatsApp (11) 96636-7595; ready delivery available in store until 12/24

Nonna Rosa

For Christmas dinner, the Italian restaurant run by chef Gabriel Marques offers a set menu, which serves four people. It costs R$1,550 — with wine, it costs R$1,700. Starters include recipes such as lentil salad with grilled asparagus and feta cheese and rice with raisins and chestnuts. There are three main dishes, such as cod loin with punched potatoes and ham with caramelized apples. For dessert, the options are Basque pie, tiramisu and lemon pie.
R. Padre João Manuel, 950, Jardins, west region, tel. (11) 2369-5542, @osterianonnarosa

May 13th Bakery

In operation for 40 years, the address presents classic recipes for the date and Italians already known to the house. The dried fruit board can be assembled for R$100 per kilo. The chester is baked whole, stuffed with Italian bread crumbs with bacon, apricots and raisins (R$ 180 per kg) and the brie quiche contains apricots and almonds (R$ 80 per kg). To sweeten, there is tiramisu (R$ 95; 800 g) and zeppolone (R$ 60), a light doughnut-shaped dough filled with Amarena cream or pistachio brigadeiro.
Av. dos Carinás, 543, Moema, southern region. Orders by 12/21 via tel. (11) 96853-8142

Pappagallo Cucina

The selection of starters for Christmas includes suggestions such as smoked chicken sausage and cod salad with white beans (R$90 each). For main dishes, you can order tenders with dijon sauce and roasted pineapple (R$ 130), duck rice (R$ 160) and filet mignon roast beef with red fruit sauce (R$ 165). They can be served with lentil (R$85) or potato (R$65) salads. Portions are 500 g. To finish, dulce de leche pie with popcorn or chocolate with red fruits, for R$190.
Al. Jaú, 1,372, Jardim Paulista, western region. Orders by 12/18 via WhatsApp (11) 99452-9960


The restaurant, chosen as the best vegetarian by the special O Melhor de São Paulo, from Sheet, offers a complete meat-free supper. To open the meal, chef Mari Sciotti prepares recipes such as mushroom arancini (ten pieces of R$30) and the trio of pastas, with miso butter and honey, mushroom pâté and pistachio hummus (R$69). Then, onion lasagna with gorgonzola (R$ 185; 1.6 kg), artichoke bourguignon (R$ 70; 500 g), mushroom rice (R$ 60; 500 g) or peach palm heart bobó (R$ 72 ; 500 g). Pastry chef Rafael Aoki makes a vegan matcha panacotta with red fruit coulis (R$ 170; 1 kg) to finish.
R. Mourato Coelho, 1.140, Pinheiros, western region, tel. (11) 2597-6048, @quincho.sp

Sozai Deli

The address, in Paraíso, was champion of the take-home category of O Melhor de São Paulo. Prepares typical Japanese recipes frozen or ready to take, and presents options for Christmas. Suggestions include duck magret with teriyaki sauce (R$ 180; for two) and chicken chikuzenni (R$ 123.20; 1 kg), a stir-fry with vegetables, which can accompany kuri gohan, rice with Portuguese chestnuts , eringi and edamame (R$ 70; 400 g).
TV. Umberto Bignardi, 7, Paraíso, southern region, @sozaideli. Orders until 12/21 via WhatsApp (11) 96572-3963

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