The thread of the attack on the Police forces, out of the indoor stadium in RentisSKAI reveals with new information.

As mentioned in the main SKAI news bulletin, the information that led to his trail 18 year old arrived at the Police on Friday night.

Initially, the young man was not among the suspects. However, when they opened their mouths, that’s when the course of the investigation changed drastically.

More specifically, there were six witness statements that pointed to the 18-year-old as the perpetrator of the naval flare attack, which seriously injured the 31-year-old police officer. Among the witnesses who testified, there are also relatives of the 18-year-old, to whom, as they stated, it was confided that he threw the flare at the policeman.

According to what has been leaked, the 18-year-old himself allegedly stated that the attack on the police officers was pre-planned.

Talk about him mentor and refers to an older person, aged 30-35who wore a full face.

According to the testimony, the coach signaled for them to leave the field, saying that no one would throw unless he gave the signal.

The alleged organizer first threw a molotov and this seems to have been the signal for the attack.

It is noted that the organizer was not among the 424 brought in.

As the 18-year-old mentioned in his confession, the munitions were hidden in the parking lot, next to the stadium, from where they were distributed to the fans.