Israeli soldiers were wounded today in a drone attack launched from southern Lebanon by the Shiite militant group Hezbollah, the Israeli military said, as Israeli soldiers exchanged fire with forces of the Lebanese movement.

“Two Israeli army soldiers were injured and several other soldiers suffered minor injuries,” the Israeli army said in a statement, adding that the soldiers were taken to a hospital. Israeli missile defenses also shot down two “suspicious aerial targets originating from Lebanon,” the military added.

The pro-Iranian Hezbollah, an ally of the Palestinian movement Hamas, said for its part that it used “combat drones” against “a command center” of the Israeli army, claiming that the attack it launched this morning caused many casualties.

The Shiite movement also said it targeted facilities in Jal al-Alam, an Israeli military post on the border near the Lebanese city of Nakura.

Numerous Israeli strikes along the Israel/Lebanon border were reported today by the official Lebanese news agency (Ani).

The Israeli military confirmed that warplanes carried out “a large series of raids against Hezbollah terrorist targets on Lebanese soil”.

Meanwhile, a senior Hezbollah official said today that Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon signal a “new escalation” to which the Lebanese group is responding with new types of attacks.

Hassan Fadlallah, in a statement to Reuters, said the escalation “will not prevent the resistance in Lebanon from continuing to defend the country and support Gaza.” Hezbollah is responding to the escalation with new types of attacks, whether it’s “the types of weapons (used) or the locations being targeted,” he added.

Since the day after the outbreak of the Israel/Hamas war on October 7, Lebanon’s border with Israel has become a theater of increasingly frequent and continuous firefights, mainly between the Israeli army and Hezbollah. Since October 7, border violence has left more than 120 people dead in Lebanon, including the majority of Hezbollah fighters, and more than 15 civilians, including three journalists, according to an AFP tally.