Reporting: Makis Synodinos

The developments in the case of the 31-year-old police officer who has been fighting for his life for the last 24 hours after being attacked with a flare outside the closed one in Rentis are fast-paced.

The authorities last night proceeded to arrest the 18-year-old perpetrator who was taken to GADA and he confessed to his act, however, as a high-ranking officer reports to, the cycle of investigations is not over as in his testimony the 18-year-old spoke about people who “orchestrated” the attack against the police and who gave the naval flare to the young man.

Information of skai they report that the 18-year-old has referred to two people involved in the Rentis incidents, while he also talked about a third person who wore a hood and was allegedly one of the organizers of the attack against the police.

“Investigations are in full progress, if evidence emerges we will proceed with the identification and arrest of those involved,” says the officer.

It is recalled that the 18-year-old stated in his testimony that there was information that they would attack police officers who were in his closed gym Renti.

At some point they were told to get out of the stadium. They went out and got the items they threw at the police from other people.

In fact, he testified that they gave him the naval flare and even showed him how to activate it.

When he activated it he hurled it and saw it hit the ground. Then he saw the policeman kneel down. He then re-entered the field with other people.

In fact, his 16-year-old brother, who was not allegedly involved in the attack on the police, was with him on the field that day.