More than 3,000 police officers are participating in the large protest march taking place in Athens, on the occasion of the serious injury of their 31-year-old colleague. The call was given by the Panhellenic Federation of Police Officers and found a response from every corner of Greece.

police officers

Hundreds of members of EL.AS started from the MAT facilities in Goudi and ended up at the Ministry of Citizen Protection where they temporarily blocked the entrance to the ministry.

police march

The police are protesting the measures against fan violence announced by the government and are asking to be removed from guarding the stadiums.


Protest performance in Thessaloniki

Police officers staged a protest in front of the Thessaloniki Police Station, following a call from the city’s Union of Police Officers, on the occasion of the serious injury of their 31-year-old colleague, during incidents in a volleyball match in Rentis.

A prayer was also chanted for the injured policeman, in the small chapel at the entrance of the Police Building, under the patronage of Father Athenagoras.

In his statements, the vice-president of the Union Triantafyllos Triantafyllidis welcomed the government’s decision to hold the Super League matches behind closed doors until February. Expressing, as he said, the demand of the police unions, he asked for the stricter punishments imposed in cases of fan violence. “The penalties should not be converted into monetary ones and should be served in their entirety,” he said, conveying the wishes of his colleagues to the 31-year-old for a speedy recovery and return to his duties.