New evidence, which may lead to the identification of the moral perpetrators who caused the episodes outside the klesto of Rentishas gathered, according to information, the Police.

Apparently, the police have targeted their investigation at least 4 heads of specific fan links in Western and Southern Attica, but also in Piraeus. For the link with the full face, who was mentioned by the 18-year-old who threw the flare at the policeman, the police believe that he comes from a link in Western Attica.

According to the same sources, these are well-known people in the fan area, who allegedly participated in the organization of the attack on the policemen, as well as, according to the confession of the 18-year-old who fired the naval flare, injuring the 31-year-old policeman, when they were supplying the tickets, informed the fans to be ready for the attack.

Indicative of the organization that preceded it, is the information that the munitions used by the fans for the attack were transported by car.

According to the same sources, the police have come to a hard core of 18-25 people, which were given the heavy weapons, i.e. flares and Molotov cocktails. There are also about 80 other people, who have been provided with improvised weapons such as irons and crowbars.

And the police had information that an attack was being organized and for this reason reinforced forces were present at Rentis’ closed, while the police themselves had been informed about it.

As for the 18-year-old, according to the investigation so far, he allegedly acted “professionally”, throwing away one of the two mobile phones he had at his disposal, while when he got home, he washed the clothes he was wearing, changed his phone number and account mail.

Rapid developments are expected in the next 24 hours, especially in the part of the investigation to identify the leaders and organizers of the attack.

According to information, in the near future there will be a declassification of the conversations and a scan of the mobile telephone antennas in the wider area, in order to prove the participation of people who may already be on the list of police suspects.