The c.g. of the Central Committee of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoubas, in his speech on the evening of Monday, December 11, at a major event of the Party Organization of Attica at SEF, he said that the KKE is discussing in Attica and throughout the country with workers and popular strata who are looking for “what can we do what we are doing and how we will manage to deal with this difficult situation which is getting worse and worse”.

“We have the answers, we also have the plan and we want to discuss these with you today. I would say that they are aptly reflected in the title of today’s event: ‘There are no dead ends. With the KKE in the fight we can win,” he emphasized.

He said that the party’s optimism “is real and stems from the unshakable belief that our people, like all peoples, can if they decide to become the protagonists of developments, walking the path of conflict with the system of exploitation, imposing their right”.

He pointed out that this optimism “is also confirmed by the dynamics recorded by the rise of the prestige of the KKE in wider working people’s forces” adding that “today even better conditions are being created for broad cooperation with the KKE”.

He added that “a current of questioning of mainstream politics is strengthening, which is neither accidental nor circumstantial. Because this current was forged in the great events of the previous years.”

He said that the way for the people to become the protagonist of the developments “opens through the small and big fronts that we have in front of us, targeting the policy of the ND which can point the finger of 41%, but it knows well that the dissatisfaction against its politics it is getting stronger and will grow even more, because the signals in the global and Greek economy are not good and the pressure will increase”.

He noted that “a first message to the ND government was not only its losses in municipalities and regions, but also the large percentages of the ‘People’s Rally’, which show that the working people realize that the ND has an opponent – and that is the KKE ».

He said that the KKE “is stepping forward in the fight for wage increases, for the collective agreement in all branches, in the fight to stop the attack on the working-people’s income which continues”.

Referring to Greek-Turkish, he pointed out that, despite the “climate of complacency cultivated by the government, the bargains are taking place against the very dangerous framework formed by the NATO plans, which lead to painful arrangements in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean”. Underlining that vigilance is required, he noted that “in reality, a full-scale negotiation is underway, and the unacceptable claims of the Turkish ruling class remain on the table.”

He said that no one can be indifferent when “the ND supports the crime of the murderous state of Israel against the Palestinian people”, adding that “the fight for the recognition of the Palestinian state, according to the UN resolutions, is the least we can do. to do as a people, demanding at the same time the disengagement of Greece from the imperialist war in the Middle East and Ukraine”.

D. Koutsoumbas emphasized that “in these struggles, on the road to conflict, there is a place for all those who want the ND government to suffer a real blow and are not exhausted by looking for an alleged solution in a change of government. Because the project of such a ‘change of government’ within the framework of this system, was brought up many times in the past, and it was a tragedy for the people, so to speak.”

He said that SYRIZA “as a force of social democracy with its government gave the system space and time to breathe and come back stronger. Mainly it gave him the possibility to close his cracks and move to the next phase of the attack on the working class, on the people” he stressed.

Referring to those who “struggle for SYRIZA to overcome the problems, he noted, among other things, that “neither SYRIZA, nor PASOK, nor others who currently revolve around these two, because all of them, without exception, supported all the strategic choices of the ND, voted for more than half of the ND bills and continue on the same course today, without even keeping up the pretenses”.

“Only the KKE is a real militant, working-people’s opposition, and inside the Parliament, to reveal the government’s plans to the workers in a timely manner, but mainly outside the Parliament, in the struggles to oppose them” he underlined.

He said that the “woe” of “bourgeois staffs, business groups, allies of the bourgeoisie in Europe and the USA” is “the rapid reconstitution of social democracy, because they need a second pole to trap popular discontent within the boundaries of the system, to puts obstacles in the current of questioning of the dominant policy that is strengthening, to stop the dynamics of co-operation with the KKE”.

“And this is where SYRIZA meets – with those who stay and those who leave – and PASOK and other forces that follow further behind” he added. “No truly left-wing, progressive person has any expectations from who will finally win this competition, who will qualify SYRIZA or PASOK” he underlined, stressing that “today, those who trusted, voted, believed in SYRIZA, or in PASOK they have a choice: And this is none other than joining with the KKE”.

D. Koutsoubas said that “in the alternative way out proposed by the KKE, in the conflict plan with the strategy of capital, the EU, big business, the state, their governments, it is not a condition that there is complete identification in everything with its strategy KKE, with its worldview”.

He underlined that “the KKE assumes its responsibility to strengthen the real popular opposition, to pave the way for the overthrow, with the people the protagonists of the developments for their own governance and power. For a radically different organization of society, socialist-communist, where the worker is the organizer of his own power, with wealth and the means of production as social property”, emphasizing that “this proposal is the only one radically and truly different, she is the only one who can give real hope and perspective to the people and the youth”.

“Let’s overcome ourselves, so that the collaboration with the KKE becomes even wider and more massive! To thicken the lines of our party and the KNE. This will be the real guarantee for the people” underlined D. Koutsoumbas and concluded his speech, stressing that “dead ends do not exist. With the KKE in the fight we can win!”.