Three important, didactic books are presented by “HELLINOEKDOTIKI” publications and the “IANOS” culture chain.

These are the books “Philosophy and Technology”, “Philosophy of Technology for Non-Philosophers” and “The Ethics of Engineering”.

Important scientists and academics will be speakers at the event, which will take place on Wednesday, December 20 at 18.00 at IANOS Cafe, Stadiou 24, Athens 1st floor.

Specifically, the speakers will be: Anastasia Georgakis, Professor of Sound Technology and President of the Department of Music Studies of EKPA, Director of the Music Acoustics and Technology Laboratory, Marianna Karamanou, Professor of Epistemology, History and Ethics of Medicine, Medical School of EKPA, Kostas Botopoulos, Constitutionalist, Fr. MEP and Ioannis K. Chatzigeorgiou, Rector of NTUA, Professor of the School of Shipbuilding, Mechanical Engineering NTUA.

Moderated by Rania Tragomallou, STAR CHANNEL journalist.

The debate is prefaced by Kostas Theologu, Professor of History and Philosophy of Culture and Technology at the School of National Technical University of Athens, Director of the AKED Department.

The presentation will be in the form of presentations and discussion. There will be critical interventions from the audience.