How is the recruitment done in the fan circles-The “condemnation” and the … “bu”


Patrols, bug fixes, screwdrivers, knives, communications codes and site dominance are just a few of the nightmare pieces that make up murderous attacks on fans other groups in Thessaloniki, with some hardliners having the character of a base.

Prospective hooligans – “born” as they say about war – are recruited according to testimony organized follower from the tender adolescents and are part of an uncontrollable patchwork, which in its path takes away every trace of logic and, of course, morality.

According to the testimony of the liaison at in specific fan associations of Thessaloniki and with “seats” known areas, in fact, special criteria are required to be accepted, in order to proceed to the next stage: the “initiation”.

Physique is the main criterion, followed by age and… optionally the knowledge of martial arts.

For the third criterion, of course, the specific hardliners use private spaces for training kickboxing, wrestling and other martial arts, which the only sure thing is that they are not used in the stands.

How patrols work and what is the role of the “leader”

The organized follower explains that patrol patrols need his command first “Leader”, while surprise attacks are rare. According to him, the raids even in the “enemy zone” -as it is characterized- are in the context of “clearing areas”, while when the order is given for “bu” (s.s. appointment) “there is no return”.

The “condemnation” and the “death squads”

According to the organized follower, the tactics for the communication codes are more or less known and common. Thessaloniki is sometimes referred to as “condemnation” – inspired by well-known rappers – while many of the nicknames of organized groups use numbers that correspond to the Greek alphabet.

The assailants in fan circles are characterized as “death squads” or “special itineraries”, while before a shower the “select” of the team according to the same testimony leave behind the mobile phone either in the link or in a private cafe, so as not to be detected movements with the help of technology.

However, the same information states that patrols are carried out on both sides by organized supporters in Thessaloniki, while in addition to the show of force-supremacy for the domination of the area and the “face control”, they often refer to “retaliation” from a previous attack.

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