A change of 10.8% to 11.4% in the cost of the Christmas table, compared to the corresponding table of 2022, finds the Trade and Services Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Trade and Entrepreneurship (IN.EM.Y.-ESEE) .

The Institute, in accordance with its established practice, recorded on-the-spot pricing and interviews with key-informers of the market, the prices from both chains Super Market as well as from specialized ones retail stores (e.g. pastry shops/ butchers etc.), as well as from Varvakeio Market.

As stated in a related announcement, the cost estimate for this year’s Christmas table (6-8 people) ranges from 103.10 to 140.76 euros. This is a change of 10.8% to 11.4% compared to the corresponding table of 2022.

It is noted that the range of prices is justified by the registration of a series of products of different quality, in several local markets and different types of stores. Additionally, it is clarified that product prices are indicative and attempt to map the general price distribution and market picture.

ESEE also notes that for reasons of comparability of the data, with the previous annual surveys of INEMY for the estimation of the cost of the Christmas table, some products that are part of the “festive basket” have not been included. Instead, melomakaroni and kourabiedes are recorded, as they are every year, while they are not included in the “household basket” or the “festive basket”.

After the festive season, INEMY-ESEE announced that it is going to conduct a nationwide survey regarding the evolution of sales during the festive season in retail businesses.