The Christmas journey has turned into Golgotha ​​for 100 Thessaloniki passengers, who remain stranded in the middle of a snowstorm for more than eight hours on the road leading from Prague to Vienna.

The journey for the dozens of passengers started by air from Thessaloniki on Saturday morning. They landed in Prague and from there boarded two travel agency buses bound for Vienna. Something that never happened, as the extreme weather phenomena have paralyzed the country’s national network, resulting in several accidents, mainly overturning of heavy vehicles.

Thus, the 100 Greek passengers remain trapped for several hours without water and food, at a distance of 200 kilometers from Vienna, while among them are the elderly, small children, but also people who belong to vulnerable groups and need to receive their medicines.

“We are in great need of dry food and water. We have run out of water. We have eight-year-old children on the bus, someone has to help us, as the hours pass the situation becomes more and more dramatic. The elderly must take their medicines”, a passenger reports to, who explains that the Embassy was informed, however they replied that their hands are tied because they are in a foreign country.

“We don’t care about our holidays right now, we’ve forgotten about holidays after all that we’ve been living all these hours. We are interested in someone helping us and taking us away, finding us a shelter at least for the night. We cannot stay here in this state. The snowfall continues and we risk being completely blocked, not only us, but also the huge queue of vehicles that has formed on the national network”, he added.