A wonderful day dawned yesterday, Saturday 23/12, for a beautiful stray dog, who found warmth at the feet of hairdresser Panagiotis Papageorgopoulos while he… was cutting hair.

According to the tempo24.news website, the beautiful dog entered the barbershop maintained by Mr. Papageorgopoulos in Patras and laid down at his feet calmly, asking for love and care. Mr. Papageorgopoulos, after offering her water and food, spoke to the authorities, the Municipality of Patreon and a veterinarian, who immediately ran to help and make an initial assessment of the dog’s health.

He then called his good friend police officer Andreas Kappos, who never misses an opportunity to help in any way he can, from risking his own life to adopting a stray dog.

Those who were present at the incident wrote: “We thank him from the depths of our souls for his self-sacrifice and his offering wherever it is requested. “Guardian angel” not only for small children but also for stray animals. Many thanks to Panagiotis Papageorgopoulos for his initiative to contact Ko Kappos and find a safe home for the sweet dog. Merry Christmas and wishes all over the world for a year full of health, love and solidarity”