A walker fell into a ravine in Evia, as a result of which an operation was set up to rescue him, with the participation of a team from the EMAK and a helicopter.

This is a 38-year-old man who was rescued after a staged operation and is being taken to the hospital injured.

According to evima.gr, his brother is with him. The rescuer from the helicopter picked him up and he was taken to Marathon and from there to a hospital in Athens.

At the scene was the fire service of Chalkida, with the volunteers of Psachna, the mountaineering club of Chalkida, the 7th EMAK and also a helicopter which approaches the 38-year-old walker who fell into a ravine with snow on Mount Dirfys.

As the president of the Chalkida mountaineering club, Mr. Baltas, told evima.gr, the 38-year-old originally from Amarynthos climbed to the top, put on his crampons and slipped on the snow, resulting in him falling into a ravine facing the shelter. He has a broken leg and is bleeding. It’s a difficult case,” the president of the Chalkida Mountaineering Association told evima.

“I am currently waiting for help from the Chalkida Fire Department,” the 38-year-old said earlier