Shocked, public opinion watches the developments in case of the murder of the 41-year-old pregnant woman from the area of ​​Kalamaria, at Thessaloniki.

THE fellow her and a friend of his were brought in and questioned as suspects – Mr friend of her partner “broke” and confessed to the murder of the unfortunate woman, saying that she helped her 41-year-old partner get rid of the body. In fact, he also indicated that point where they dumped her body.

According to the local media of Thessaloniki, the police finally located her corpse of the 41-year-old in chest, thrown in a wooded area between Nea Triglia and Galatista Halkidiki

The Unfortunate Woman’s Companion – pregnant in the 3rd month when the mother of another 13-year-old daughter was also murdered – he denies any involvement.

In fact, at the first moment of her disappearance, she tried to disorientate the investigations of the prosecuting authorities, claiming that the woman sent him a message as soon as she disappeared and that she took 5,000 euros with her from their common fund.

Both the 41-year-old’s partner and his friend are in custody at the Thessaloniki Police Station.

It seems that they “unwound” the end of the thread fingerprints of the alleged accomplice of the partner of the unfortunate woman, as they were found in the house where the pregnant woman lived and the police found that they belong to highlighted atom.

The police then brought him in and, according to information, he allegedly confessed to the murder and also named the 41-year-old’s partner.

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