Fake paintings of great painters such as Picasso, Pollock and Tsarouchi he was dealing in coils which the police dismantled while also making 4 arrests.

From the Directorate for the Protection of Property Rights, Cultural Heritage and Environment of the Directorate of Security of Attica, a criminal organization was dismantled, whose members were active in the possession and distribution of fake paintings and of ancient movable monuments and images in the wider area of ​​Attica and in Europe.

For the case were arrestedmorning hours yesterday, 4 members of the criminal organization and a case file was filed against them for criminal organization, forgery, fraud, violation of the legislation for the protection of antiquities and cultural heritage in general and for accepting and disposing of proceeds of crime.

As it emerged from the investigation, the defendants, at least from the beginning of December 2023, joined together and established a criminal organization with permanent and structured roles, with the purpose of selling fake paintings of various styles allegedly made by world-renowned painters, as well as ancient movable monuments and images, to prospective buyers in the wider Attica region and also in Europe.


To put an end to their activity, a special team of police officers was formed and from the investigation carried out after appropriate evaluation and utilization of information, the members of the organization were identified and their scope of action was ascertained.

A police operation ensued, in the context of which the defendants were arrested, following a planned meeting for the purchase and sale of 4 Picasso paintings and a Jackson Pollock for a sum of 4,400,000-euro.

In a search carried out in the homes of the accused in the presence of a judicial officer, the following were found and confiscated:

  • 4 fake PICASSO paintings and a fake painting – “composition” by the same artist showing a human form and trying to imitate his style,
  • fake painting JACKSON POLLOCK and -4- fake paintings – “composition” of the same artist of different dimensions,
  • 3 fake paintings, signed by MAGRITTE, HENRI MATISSE and TSAROUCHIS,
  • multitude of ecclesiastical icons with various representations and different dimensions,
  • a number of objects and works of art characterized by significant historical and archaeological value (pots, clay figurines, metal objects, etc.),
  • 118- tables,
  • -7- folders with documents related to the case,
  • 25- photographs depicting works of art or signatures of well-known artists on works of art,
  • 12- stone benches,
  • tablet, digital camera, mobile phones,
  • 2- laptops and the monetary amount of -€20,900.

The confiscated paintings were shown to an art historian at the National Gallery, who he consulted on their forgery while the confiscated antiquities were shown to archaeologists and Byzantine experts of the competent Ephorates of Antiquities where they were found, who opined that the majority of them fall within the protective provisions of the law for the protection of antiquities and cultural heritage in general.

The evidence will be handed over for safekeeping and final assessment to the competent local Services of the Ministry of Culture, while the other evidence will be sent for laboratory examination to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Those arrested were taken to the competent prosecuting authority.