For the sixth day, the investigations of the Authorities to locate a 31-year-old man in the wider area of ​​Messolonghi are in progress. The investigations of the 25-person team are assisted by officers of the 6th EMAK with the specially trained dog Jordan.

Together with the authorities, his family and friends are searching for Agios Thomasunfortunately to no avail so far.

The investigations are focused on the area around the old TEI facilities, where his cell phone beeped for the last time.

Free the 50-year-old butcher who was brought in for the case was released yesterdaywho is also the person who saw the 31-year-old for the last time and took him to the TEI facilities.

It is reminded that a knife was found in the 50-year-old’s possessionhe was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, sentenced to four months’ probation and released.

However, on Tuesday afternoon he repeated that all he did was to take the missing person to the TEI intersectionon the old Antirrio – Ioannina national road.

From that moment – as she said – she never saw him again.

The officers could not prolong his detention and so he was allowed to leavehowever have found contradictions in his testimony.

What did the cameras show?

According to the ERT report the man claimed that he dropped the youth off at around 8.30pm and immediately returned to his home – a distance of about 10 minutes.

However, the cameras showed him moving through the city around 21:50 and buying products in a mini market.

Four minutes later, the 31-year-old’s mobile phone was switched off.