Crepes in the shape of a penis and vulva generate queues and break taboos at Assanhadxs, in SP

Crepes in the shape of a penis and vulva generate queues and break taboos at Assanhadxs, in SP

The line to put your mouth on penises and vulvas lasts more than an hour and brings together eager and curious people – but calm down, they are not real sexual organs, but edible versions. Called Crepipi and Crepepeka, the recipes are the attraction of Assanhadxs, a store located on the Calçadão Urbanoid, a kind of food truck meeting in Baixo Augusta, central region of the capital.

The goodies are a crepe version. Measuring 16.5 cm —a little larger than the national average—, Crepipi costs R$30 and comes in savory and sweet versions. The first is made with puff pastry and has fillings such as chicken, pepperoni, mozzarella and catupiry. At the end, the customer can order a little Gozonésia, the house garlic mayonnaise, and toasted sesame in the “glande” of the crepe, if they like it.

The sweet option, in turn, can be filled with chocolate, strawberry, banana and hazelnut cream, in addition to all sorts of confectionery to color the tip. You can also exchange the puff pastry for a chocolate-flavored cake. A layer of Chocogozo completes the creation.

Because it is a little smaller, Crepepeka is cheaper — it costs R$20. The scheme is similar, but it can also be tasted in cheese bread dough. The finish is up to the customer’s taste: shaved, that is, just soaked in butter or condensed milk; Chaplin’s mustache, with sesame seeds or sprinkles; and, finally, furry, sprinkled with granulated chocolate.

“Lucas, you sweet tooth, your Crepepeka is ready. Look, Gabriela, your Crepipi came with a birthmark”, announces Gislene da Silva, Gigi, owner of the space, on the microphone. The people waiting to eat go crazy with the jokes. Whoever arrives at the counter to pick up the order still hears the recommendation to take the napkin. “Get the tissue, you’re going to smear yourself.” Yes, the double meaning jokes are endless.

At 53, she works as a pedagogical coordinator, was a kindergarten teacher and runs the business together with her husband, Marcos Afonso, and their daughter, Francine. This is the third venture that the family has tried to launch in the place, after a coffee shop that served drinks with printed photos and a store with accessories for the LGBTQIA+ public.

Neither of them avenged, but they insisted. “I wanted to find something innovative to cover this diversity that we have here at Augusta. Then I remembered a post I saw on Instagram from a store in France and we went after importing the machines”, says Gigi.

Sometimes made of crepe, sometimes made of waffle, erotic treats became fashionable in Europe, with representatives in Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon. In Brazil, business is booming — Lisbon’s La Putaria started selling its Piroffles and Xoxoffles in Belo Horizonte at the end of January, while in Fortaleza, the Xibata 16 cm store went viral on social media with its opening in December.

Assanhadxs was gradually taking shape. Crepipis began to be served in August, but the business really boomed in November, with the introduction of Crepepekas in the menu, which broadened the audience and served as a decoy for bloggers. Only after that was the name of the store defined.

“I used to joke saying that this group that comes here is all crazy”, he says. “So my husband suggested that we call Assanhados. But I asked about the assanhadas. That’s why we decided to put the ‘x’, to leave it neutral and, thus, cover everyone, all and all.”

And they made a point of highlighting this ‘x’ that marks the diversity in the neon that signals the store. “It’s very red, to show that we include everyone. And break this taboo, just like the class says. Sometimes, I even play on the microphone, asking if people are listening to the sound of the taboo being broken”, he says.

The microphone is a novelty there, and Gigi is in charge of the show. She reports that she always played with the public, but the growing lines made her feel the need to hand out passwords and amplify her voice so the wait wouldn’t be so painful. “I really like to make people laugh. But it’s a joke, because everything is very busy. We are playing until the last customer”, she says.

There are even those who ask her to make fun of her. “A mother asked me to call her son ‘Lucas Guloso’ when I announced her son’s name. Then two girls arrived asking me to make fun of them because they were going to film. I wouldn’t joke like that if they hadn’t asked. “

This footage, of course, goes to social media — which is the main reason for the success of the house. Despite the limited space, the family made a point of creating an instagrammable corner lit by neons to ensure customers take selfies with the products in their hands or in their mouths. “Everyone wants to take a picture”, guarantees Gigi.

That mood also permeates the menu, as the house could easily have called the penis-shaped recipes “crepiroca,” for example, or used another name for Crepepeka. “We wanted something lighter. We don’t just open at night, families also come to see us.”

Even if the business theme is full of jokes, there is also room for seriousness. “I made a point of putting vulva and glans like that on the menu. This part of sex education is important, we think everyone knows it, but it’s not quite like that. The other day, a boy said that ‘big’ was spelled wrong on the menu.”

“When people ask me and my partner where the idea came from, I always say it came from our erotic minds,” jokes Gigi. “Whoever comes to Augusta and doesn’t eat Crepepeka or Crepipi, didn’t come to Augusta.”

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