THE baseline of Thessaloniki metro will be delivered for use him November 2024said today, in his statements from Thessaloniki, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Nikos Tahiaospointing out that the Venizelos station is the only pending construction at the civil engineering level and will be completed by the summer.

After 6 months 8 months then will follow the extension of to Kalamariawhile its expansion program is expected to be announced in the immediate future, with priority in northwestern Thessaloniki.

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, accompanied by the president and managing director of “AKTOR” Alexandros Exarchos, made the route of the main line of the Thessaloniki metro, which lasts about 17 minutes and has a transport capacity of 18,000 passengers per hour in each direction.

It was preceded by a meeting at the Thessaloniki metro depot in Pylaia, in which Mr. Tachiaos, Mr. Exarchou and the managing director of Elliniko Metro SA Nikos Kouretas participated.

“We have committed that the basic line of the Thessaloniki metro will be completed in November. At the moment there is no obstacle that would stop this development” said, for his part, Mr. Exarchou and saying that for the company this project is an “absolute priority”, he noted that he and his team are daily over the project to ensure that the schedule is met.

What about Venizelos Station?

As the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure stated in his statements, the Venizelos station “is a station that still has some construction pending, which will be completed by the beginning of the summer”.

“Of course, the archaeologists also finish their own object, which concerns minus one and is an area controlled by the archaeological service. You will see the progress of this intervention at the Venizelos station at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture”, added Mr. Tachiaos, explaining that “it is not a project that is coordinated and managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Hellenic Metro”.

In June 2025 Kalamaria is expected in the metro – The other extensions

The extension of the metro in Kalamaria, according to Mr. Tahiao, is not an issue that only concerns “AKTOR” since, as he clarified, “there are five different contracts that must be combined with each other in order to be able to finish the project and this it’s not that simple, it takes time. I think that a reasonable period of six to eight months immediately after the handover of the basic line of the Thessaloniki metro to the citizens is the one that will bring the people of Kalamariota into the metro,” he noted.

From there, Mr. Tachiaos announced that “we are almost ready to announce the metro extension program, the priority is northwest Thessaloniki, which really needs to be connected to the project”.

As he explained, the Thessaloniki metro development study has been completed and is now in the delivery phase. “We are working with the Hellenic Metro as a ministry, so that in the immediate future we can present to the city’s agencies how the metro extensions will develop in the coming years” pointed out the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure.

Regarding the extension of the Thessaloniki metro to Lagada Street, he said that “for us it is a big bet to start this project, we will try to do it. In the next period of time we will have studies, so that we can proceed with the tenders for the extensions”.

Regarding the FlyOver, Mr. Tachiaos pointed out that “it is a project that the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has committed to deliver to the people of Thessaloniki and will do it in the time it has initially estimated”.