Aoknes is since yesterday the efforts of the EMAK men who mobilized immediately to help after the news that a couple was swept away with their car by a torrent in their area Plutochorio.

This morning the hopes that maybe the 38-year-old Georgia was found alive they went out, plunging into mourning all who knew her and the whole world who since yesterday has been watching with bated breath the rescue crews’ effort to locate the unfortunate couple.

All investigations are now focused on locating her 45-year-old partner, who has not yet been found.

The car they were riding in was found at a distance of about 1,500 meters from where it was swept away, buried in the mud and water. With the help of a project machine, he was pulled out, but during the check carried out by EMAK divers and while he was in the water and afterwards, no evidence was found to testify to the fate of the 45-year-old N.A.


The Chronicles

According to eyewitnesses, the unfortunate couple had stopped before the bridge located at the entrance of the village, but the rushing waters from the swollen river swept them away and immobilized them on a concrete curb. But a new wave broke the curb and threw the car into the water.

Residents of the area, frightened, watched what was happening while they continued to see the lights of the car disappearing as it was swept away by the torrent. However, it was impossible for them to do anything to prevent the fate that took only a few minutes to happen.