The anxiety for her peaks his luck 31-year-old Babis, while drones, specially trained dogs, and even divers participate in multi-day events businesses to locate him, in the area of ​​the airport at Medium length.

Under the microscope of the authorities continues to be 50 years old butcher, who was the last to see the 31-year-old alive while a new element comes to light.

According to the latest information, although the 50-year-old has erased the intense dialogues he had with the 31-year-oldIt looks like he was the one who called Babis on the fateful night on the phone and not the missing person.

“The body may never be found”

The private investigator Giorgos Tsoukalis spoke to Mega about her development of the investigation to locate the 31-year-old Babis. “She is one special area geologically. The pump station was investigated by a large team. A bodystatistically, no matter how much the point is investigated, it can also be found by chance, having also studied the case of Vangelis Giakoumakis. The man who is in the “frame” knew them very well because he is a local man. Investigations are ongoing. Has been activated hunting club of Agrini and the federal one game guard and they will take part in the investigations,” he initially said.

“So that we don’t have a new Alex case in Veria, the body may never be found. There’s an atmosphere that tells us there may be 2nd car and person. If there is a 2nd car, Babis may be outside the research area – that’s where Babis’s phone signal stops,” added private investigator Giorgos Tsoukalis.

“An investigation is being carried out to see at the specific point, at the specific time when the butcher was therewhat phones are on the antennas and what do they have to do with the butcher,” he continued closing.