Seven people have been identified by the Greek Police in the context of the investigation of the murders of its leading members Greek Mafia like o Yannis Skaftouros and Vassilis Roubetis, as announced on Thursday at a press conference of Attica Security Director Ioannis Skouras and ELAS press representative Konstantinas Dimoglidou. At the same time, the involvement is examined at least 10 more suspects.

Last night the Authorities proceeded to arrest two persons as being involved in the cases of the murders of Yannis Skaftouros and Vassilis Roubetisof Stefanakos’ first boy, as well as the attempted assassination of Mavropoulos in Pieria, but also in the arson of two gas stationsinterests of the two murdered.

The authorities proceeded to arrest a third person, at whose house during investigations, Kalashnikov weapons and magazines were found. He is not believed to have belonged to the group of executioners. His arrest is for the Arms Act.

The methodical investigation of the Department of Crimes against Life and Personal Freedomin cooperation with the Organized Crime and Human Trafficking Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate and the Katerini Security Sub-Directorate, with the assistance of specialized services of the Hellenic Police, led to the dismantling of the transnational character of a criminal organizationwhose members committed murders, explosions and arson.

As emerged from the ELAS survey, are involved in cases of homicide, attempted homicide and in cases of explosions and arson, namely: domestic homicide and the injury from the shootings of two of his relatives, on 25-04-2022 in Skourta Boeotia, in murder of two compatriotson 07-06-2023 in Korydallos, in the attempted murder of a countrymanon 07-03-2023 in a rural area in Platanodasos Svorono, Pieria, in the arson of vehicles in a gas station parking lot on 06-10-2023 in Aspropyrgos, premises belonging to companies of the family of the first local victim, and in the arson in industrial warehouse on 16-06-2023, where machinery related to the manufacture of tobacco products was destroyed.

A large-scale police operation was carried out to dismantle the criminal organization yesterday. Wednesday, January 17, 2024, in Aspropyrgos and Thessaloniki, during which two citizens, members of the organization, were arrested, while the file that was formed includes five more identified members, of which two are already locked up in Detention Centers.

Alongside, as part of the operation, another citizen was arrested, which was located during the searches of a house, where two military rifle magazines were found.

The resolution of cases is result of appropriate data utilization which had emerged from the initial investigation stages and then through the combined evaluation of the pre-investigation material as a whole.

For this purpose, Brigadier General Skouras emphasized, the assistance of special researchers of the Directorate of Information Management and Analysis and the scientific staff of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations was a catalyst, who through the special means and know-how they have, managed throughout the preliminary investigation to provide safe and usable conclusions.

Specifically, significant findings were identified and analyzedwhich they highlighted the correlation between the cases and demonstrated the existence of the criminal organization in question and the activity of its members as well as their motivation for committing the aforementioned criminal acts.

It is worth noting that the majority of the members of the criminal organization have employed ELAS in the past for a number of crimes, such as criminal organization, robbery, extortion, theft, forgery, drugs etc.