Her belief about whether the Rula Pispirigou whether or not she took her daughter’s life, Georginas Daskalakiwill be expressed today by the prosecutor of the Joint Jury Court, which for a year is trying the 35-year-old mother for the attempted and murder of the 9-year-old.

Having evaluated all the elements of the case file, the dozens of statements of doctors, nurses and other witnesses, as well as the positions of the accused herself who for nine days apologized and gave her own answers to what is attributed to her, the public prosecutor is called today to propose to the judges whether they should judge Pispirigou innocent or guilty.

The Prosecutor, through the arguments she will develop, will formulate her proposal (which is not binding for the court) on the charges: Is the mother the one responsible for the protest Georgina suffered in April 2021 at the Karamandani Hospital? An interruption that left the little girl injured as she suffered severe quadriplegia after it. Is she the mother who by administering a strong dose of ketamine caused the death of her daughter in January 2022 in “Aglaia Kyriakou”?

Before her answer, in the “therefore” of her plea, the Prosecutor will develop the data she took into account to reach her position regarding the case which for several months was at the forefront of the news, as Georgina’s death was the one who triggered the intervention of the authorities in order to check what has happened to the family from Patras who lost their third child in January 2022.

If the Public Prosecutor’s Office accepts the charge and reasoning of the judges who willingly referred Roula Pispirigou then she will argue about the mother’s motive.

Why did Georgina disappear? What did the 35-year-old defendant want to achieve by taking the life of the creature she brought into the world? Will the Prosecutor accept that Pispirigou essentially put “Mano” and their relationship above the life of her child? That the motive of the murder was to “reconnect” with Manos Daskalakis, with whom she was estranged?

According to the charge, Roula Pispirigou proceeded with her criminal act with the aim of “committing”, succeeding in bringing Georgina’s father close to her again, with whom the relationship was borderline, explosive, with constant alternation of closeness and distance.

The defendant claims that she did not harm any of her three children, for whose deaths she is responsible. Georgina was the first child of the Daskalakis family, who finally “left” last through the fault, according to the Justice, of the 35-year-old.

“Georgina was the joy of life! What reason did I have to kill her? I loved her,” Pispirigou repeats from the beginning.

As for her “obsession with Manos” which the judicial authorities believe pushed her to turn against her first-born daughter, the accused replied in her apology that “you have to be mentally ill to have such a motive”.

The defendant’s position is that she does not know what happened to Georgina. She disputes the findings, states that she does not know if the death was due to ketamine and claims that if that is the cause then it was not her own hand that gave her but “something else happened in the resuscitation” when the child suffered the second and fatal blockage in the “Aglaia Kyriakou” which is also contested by the accused claiming that it was a “prolonged epileptic seizure”. She believes that the doctors who testified against her accuse her in order to shift their own responsibilities. But it also raises questions about whether for both Georgina and the other two little girls, for whom her second trial has begun, there were genetic diseases that contributed to the deaths.

The Public Prosecutor, who throughout the trial, which was full of tensions and strong arguments, took notes, watched every movement of the accused and checked what was heard in search of documents of the case, today she will stand up and answer the accused and try to convince the judges to adopt her judgement.