For beatings and bullying of students reacting to decisions about occupations of the schools spoke on the radio of Thessaloniki Status fm 107.7, University student in his 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering school AUTH.

“The situation is out of control. In all assemblies when someone rises to the podium to express his opinion about private universities and to react to the squatters he receives yawns, swearing and bullying. We saw female students from the 1st and 2nd year trying to speak and shaking all over, and then in the voting they voted white because they did not dare to say no to the occupation. The factions that want to take over bring people outside the university out of the auditorium and terrorize us“, said the student.

“Features in meeting which took place the day before yesterday at the Civil Engineers which it lasted 9 hoursexisted outside the amphitheater hooded men and people from left factions, stopped the students and threatened them by telling them that if they vote against the occupation they will be remembered. Those who expressed in the forum the opinion that the occupation should not take place were thrown eggs and some were beaten headlock and the they were knocking. They broke an entire chair on the head of a Civil Engineering student. We did not express an opinion about private universities. We are against the occupation. We want the schools to open so we can continue our studies,” he continued.

Regarding her attitude Rector’s Office and the Police after the very serious complaints of the student which, according to him, were made known to the authorities, he emphasized: “The Rector’s Office, the presidents of the schools, the Dean’s Office, no one comes out to take a position on the occupations. They don’t even call the police. New laws are supposed to have come out but nothing is being implemented. We called the police but no one came. There is no political will.”