The chancellors of the universities are holding an extraordinary meeting tomorrow, Monday, in order to consider alternative solutions for the conduct of the semester’s student exams and especially the possibility of them being held remotely, as the Ministry of Education has proposed in a circular.

The Minister of Education Kyriakos Pierrakakis will intervene remotely in the session, who is expected to also address the financing of higher education and the budgets of universities, as well as their institutional liberation from the state.

According to the ministry, distance exams are the only way not to miss the exam periodwhile in order to remove these reservations the Minister of Education will submit a series of technical proposals which, as pointed out, will ensure the process.

These proposals seem to be accepted already by some universities. “The circular of the Minister of Education for the digital conduct of exams in the schools that are under occupation can help significantly to complete the process and not lose the semester”, the rector of the University of Peloponnese, Thanasis, has characteristically stated to APE-MPE Sit down.

According to the circular of the Ministry of Education, electronic exams are expressly provided for when it is impossible to carry out the assessment of students in person or to use the infrastructure of the HEI to conduct the examination process. The law provides, however, that the decision is made by the authorities of the institutions as imposed by the local government.