“He threw alcohol in my mouth and on my clothes and told me he was going to burn me.” With these words, a 35-year-old woman described in court yesterday the violence she experienced at the hands of her partner, once again.

According to gegonota.news, this is a couple who often go to Autoforos, as they constantly complain about each other. Last Monday, another episode occurred, with the 35-year-old complaining that her ex-partner he hit her and cursed her in front of their 6.5 year old child.

“He entered the house, he is unaware of what I have done against him by insurance, he violates the terms of the suspension. He watches me and hides in the storage room of my house, he watches me at work. He entered the house and started swearing at me. He knows I’ve had surgery on my back and he started beating me, pouring alcohol on my clothes and mouth shouting that he’s going to set me on fire. I’m afraid of him, he’s dangerous,” she told the judges, and all the charges were denied by her ex-partner, claiming that they are all lies because he wants to jail him.

He claimed that lately they are in the process of reconnecting and denied that he “broke” into her house, claiming that he has been staying there for the last few days… even though he knows that the 35-year-old is in another relationship.

The court did not believe him and the prosecutor suggested that he serve part of the sentence. He was sentenced to 11 months in prison with the obligation to serve the three.