The police in Kalamata arrested four Roma minors for beating a 16-year-old student after a complaint filed by the minor with his father at the relevant Police Department.

According to information from ERT, immediately after the end of school, shortly after 1:00 p.m., outside the Thuria high school, the four arrested, aged between 14 and 16, were allegedly teasing – for unknown reasons – another student school. When a 16-year-old high school student intervened to speak up, the four minors attacked him with the assistance of an older extracurricular, according to testimonies from people at the school.

The Police authorities identified and arrested the young Roma involved in the incident, all students of the Thuria high school. Specifically, they are a 14-year-old, a 16-year-old and two 15-year-olds.

Two mothers, 36 and 41 years old, respectively, were also arrested for neglecting their supervision.

The 16-year-old student who was attacked had to go to the Kalamata General Hospital where they were offered first aid as he had abrasions and bruises on his face.

There is an uproar at the School from parents who are asking both the administration of the Middle School and the administration of the Lyceum of the area to take measures, before the whole situation escalates further.