According to information, during the meeting of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA-PS, he expressed his concern about the poll image of the party. Dionysis Teboneras as well as for the absence of the party’s forces from the kinetic initiatives that are in progress, but also for the course of the pre-conference dialogue.

According to information, Mr. Teboneras said that “polls show that we need a change of strategy and explained: Immediate submission of specific policy proposals is required, extroverted action outside party organizations with open events in collaboration with citizen initiatives, recovery of credibility that is not ensured by ambiguous positions (bill on same-sex couples, position on equipment, bill on private universities, postal vote) and the use of all executives with a willingness to include.”

He emphasized that “it is vitally important that SYRIZA-PS to be at least second in the upcoming European elections and that the objective goal is to maintain the government’s perspective, even from the position of the official opposition.

He expressed his assessment that “the party seems to be losing the initiative of the movements and does not display an image of a coordinated political body.

Finally, he also referred to the pre-conference dialogue, saying that it is developing with very low participation of the members, as well as that “the article writing, the manifestations of reflection, the participation of the social actors and the other parties of the progressive space are absent”.

THE Yannis Ragousis for his part, he said: “Our initial defense position on the F-35 is absolutely prudent and responsible.” He also noted that “there must be a strict costing of our announcements” and called “the vote against the bill for the postal vote a mistake.” Finally, he stated that “the former mayor of Iasmos cannot be accepted as a member of the party”.

Thanasis Theocharopoulos in his own position stated: “There must be costing of our positions and prioritization. We are a governing party.”

Regarding the patrols in the Red Sea, he expressed his disagreement “with Larissa being the headquarters of this case. Why should we get involved to this extent and why should we agree to such a choice that is against the timeless attitude of our country? I also disagree with a new arms race without a limit.”