New special option on the Psychosocial Support Hotline 10306, on issues of violence and aggression with children and teenagers, has been operating since yesterday. The competent Deputy Minister of Health Dimitris Vartzopoulos announced its daily operation for parents, teachers and everyone involved for counseling and support in matters of management and prevention of violence and aggression of children and adolescents, in the context of the effort to manage and deal with their psychosocial effects.

THE new phone line will contribute to dealing with the occurrence of incidents of violence and aggression and similar behaviors as well as to prevention, according to a statement from the Ministry of Health.

The telephone line is staffed by a child psychiatrist and mental health specialists, specialized in issues of developmental and school psychology, as well as family and school community counseling. Directly on the website of Line relevant material is posted for the management and prevention of related behaviors as well as the organization of a preventive action plan for all agencies involved with children and teenagers.

Detailed information:

• Opening hours: 09.00-21.00 (in two 6-hour shifts), Monday to Sunday

• Start of operation: 1/2/2024

It’s about: Issues of manifestation, management and/or prevention of child and adolescent violence and aggression with confidentiality and anonymous calls (if they choose to give their name)

Who it concerns: Parents, teachers and/or anyone who is involved with children and adolescents or comes to their attention such incidents and wants to intervene – no complaints

Method of intervention of the trained executives in the call:

In 1st year-Incident investigation, empowerment, clarification, psychoeducation, request, action planning, follow up.

In 2nd year-If there is no or every “other way” has been exhausted, referral by name to the psychotherapy and counseling team for psychoeducation.

In 3rd year -10 to 12 online sessions at individual level or up to 6 group online sessions at school-community level or referral to the specialized Child and Adolescent Day Centers as well as family support, operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.