He crosses at a fast pace the first metropolitan “Athena”, its underground route for the construction of line 4 of the “Alsos Veikou-Goudis” Metro. It started from the “Katehaki” station and has already opened and lined a tunnel about 700 meters long.

“Athina” is expected to arrive at the “Evangelismos” station by mid-2025, while the metropolitan twin named “Niki”has been assembled and is expected to start its “journey” in the second ten days of February, from Alsos Veikou to Galatsi, and to end up in “Evangelism” in March-April 2026.

According to the current schedule, the completion of the projects is planned for 2029.

As part of a press tour of the construction site of line 4, the orange line of the Athens metro, by AVAX Group executives and according to project engineers, “Athina”, the state-of-the-art TBM that started from Katehaki station, advances 15 meters per day average, at the same time lining the tunnel with a “ring” of seven pieces, 1.5 meters wide.

TBM works 24 hours a day with 2 12-hour shifts. It is now at the height of the Ministry of Justice and continues the opening of the tunnel for a total of 5.1 kilometers, until it reaches the Evangelismos branching well, after crossing the municipalities of Zografou and Kaisariani.

Drilling stops frequently for maintenance and changing parts on the heavy machine. However, if the times are maintained and there are no particular problems related to the particularity of the subsoil, then before Easter the subway will pass under the first “Goudi” station.

Metropolitan “Athena” it is 105 meters long.

It has a cockpit that houses the modern systems operated by the specialized drivers-“pilots” who supervise and coordinate the work, while daily managing the difficulties they encounter due to the particularity of the subsoil, from the chamber of the TBM head. The metropontika also has a safety area, where in the event of a problem workers on the construction site can seek refuge. The space, which has electricity, telephone, gas sensors and everything necessary, is sealed and can accommodate workers in cases of emergency, up to 24 hours. It also has a doctor’s office and a catering area, while it goes beyond the definition of a machine by practically operating as a small factory. Both metropontics came from Germany and have been assembled twice so far: The first disassembly took place in Germany to carry out the necessary operational tests, then the metropontics were disassembled and transported to Greece where they were reassembled in order to start work their.

At this moment, from the contractor of the preliminary works, the company ERETVO and the Hellenic Metro, five of the fifteen stations of line 4 have been handed over to the consortium contractor of the main project, ‘Avax – Ghella SpA – Alstrom Transport SA. for Kolonaki, Akadimia, Dikastiria, Galatsi, Helikonos stations.

Let us remind you that the two new subways will open a total of 12.8 km of tunnel, with 15 new underground stations: Alsos Veikou, Galatsi, Helikonos, Kypseli, Dikastiria, Alexandras, Exarchia, Akadimia, Kolonaki, Evangelismos, Kaisariani, Near East, Zografou , Ilisia and Goudi. Line 4 will have two connecting stations, in Akadimia with the University station of line 2, and in Evangelismos with line 3. It will serve residential zones in the central part of the urban fabric and important services, connecting Alsos Veikou with the Courts in 5 minutes and with the Campus in 14 minutes.

According to the management of AVAX Group, the progress of the project in numbers so far is:

– In two and a half years, 610 jobs have been created and 1.7 million working hours have been completed.

– No accident has occurred.

– 550 studies have been prepared.

– 4 construction cranes and a crane bridge have been installed.

– 70 machines are used.

– 249,000 cubic meters of soil have been excavated.

– Three (3) thousand tons of iron reinforcement is used.

Christos Ioannou, president of AVAX Group said: “You had the opportunity to see up close the development of a project, which is not only emblematic for us, but also for Greece: line 4 and the technical perfection – unparalleled at the international level – with which the two state-of-the-art TBMs will complete the tunnel. But this project, like many others, represents what AVAX really is, and wants to remain: consistency, knowledge, innovation, determination and hard work. Construction, and entrepreneurship as a whole, is not a sprint, it is a marathon. And in this marathon road, we have learned to participate from the front line, whether the road is uphill or favorable. With this mentality and the values ​​that characterize our business course, we are planning the future, implementing the infrastructures that will change the country.”

For his part, Constantinos Mitzalis, managing director of the AVAX Group, underlined: “The AVAX Group has been consistently dealing with what is called a public infrastructure project in our country. We connect with the projects that changed Greece. As it happened with the completion of line 3, in the midst of a pandemic, so now with the progress of our work on line 4, our group proves that it is judged by its work alone, even in the most demanding projects.

The deputy chairman of AVAX Group, Konstantinos Kouvaras, Antonis Mitzalis, authorized advisor of AVAX Group, as well as company executives Nikos Mitzalis, Dimos Katsigiannis, Giorgos Papageorgiou and Konstantinos Hasapis participated in the press briefing.