In prison led by 35-year-old accused of live broadcasts of abusive and offensive behavior against vulnerable peoplewho apologized to the 17th regular investigator for professional and serial human trafficking and physical harm to vulnerable people.

The defendant is said to have stated before the judicial officer that he was sorry for the controversial brutal videos he broadcast through his account on a popular platform. He is reported to have also said, apologizing, that he has realized his mistake for months and that is why he has stopped producing and showing videos with degrading behaviors against the helpless since last September. He repeated that the “protagonists” in the shameful videos were with people with “some disability”, but not incapable of making decisions, stressing that he never “starred” in a video of himself, a minor. He also put forward the position that his actions and his decision to use vulnerable people benefited his victims, much more than he harmed them, as by their “participation” in the filming in question they received payment and therefore they also had financial avail. Also, according to the defendant, among the positives that the protagonists-victims obtained, is the “recognizability” they gained. The defendant’s claims, however, did not help him achieve better criminal progress, as the investigator and the prosecutor agreed that he should be transferred to prison.

Two of the people who participated in the defendant’s broadcasts, who are not infirm, testified to the investigator as defense witnesses for the 35-year-old. The 35-year-old’s lawyers told reporters that two of the 35-year-old’s victims asked to testify today, but the court official refused, as she clarified that their statements can only be taken with the presence of a psychologist.