The armed invasion with 4 dead in a shipping company in Glyfada has caused a shock.

The perpetrator bypassed the company’s security measures and entered the building, opened fire killing the owner of the company, her son-in-law who was a co-owner and manager of the company and a captain who – according to the testimony of a relative – tried to disarm him. He then went down to the basement of the company and committed suicide.

The 76-year-old had worked for more than 30 years as a caretaker for the Karnesi family both at the business in Glyfada and at the holiday home in Tragonissi located in Petalios and he had recently been fired. He was known as Aresboth in the family and friendly environment of the family, as well as in the business. His real name was El Burai and he was born in Alexandria, Egypt.

The perpetrator’s car

He had access to all the houses

The 75-year-old was for years a person of absolute trust of the shipping family. In fact, he was not only a worker, but also a caretaker of the members’ homes, while he had also taken care of the oldest woman in the family.

He himself had access to their luxurious residences. In one of them he had been given a place to live.

Recently, his two sisters announced that he was being fired.