“The security gap at the Thessaloniki Courthouse is quite serious, something is not working well in the checks” said the Minister of Justice Giorgos Floridis.

Asked at Open if the package went directly to the office of the head of the appeals court, he replied that the investigation will show this, but it is possible that this has happened.

Meanwhile, queues have formed today at the main entrance of the Thessaloniki Courthouse, as a thorough check is carried out on those who enter, reports the thesstoday.

As of today, only the central entrance of the building is operating, resulting in a few minute delay at the entrance, as thousands of people enter the courts every day.

Moreover, today the Association of Judicial Officers of Thessaloniki is proceeding with a 2-hour abstinence, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and a general meeting.

In the shadow of yesterday’s attack with the envelope bomb, a police officer with specially trained K-9 dog which detects explosive substances.

The explosive-laden envelope arrived by mail and was delivered to the office of the president of appeals who was its recipient on the third floor of the courthouse.

The supposed sender was the “Association of Judges and Prosecutors”. Just yesterday, around 2 pm, the envelope fell into her hands and information states that she initially assumed it contained a diary.

However, its content aroused her suspicions and, after consulting a person close to her, she handed it over for investigation.

The suspicious envelope was examined by the XRAY machine and confirmed to contain an explosive device, namely gelato dynamite.

It was finally deactivated by police officers of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal department of ELAS.

The investigations into the case were taken over by the Anti-Terrorist Service.