Cameras, private security guards and background checks at the entrances are among the measures being considered for the armoring of the Thessaloniki courthouse, after sending a file, rigged with an explosive device, to a president of appeals, which luckily did not explode.

At a time when the Anti-Terrorist Service’s investigations into the identity of the sender and the bearer of the file as well as the motives of the criminal act are in full progress, a three-member commission of officers of the Greek Anti-Terrorist Service. “maps” the building’s security gaps and prepares the relevant report.

The measures will be the focus of a meeting of the Administration, Management and Operation Committee of the Thessaloniki Courthouse next Monday, which will be attended by the heads of the Court of Appeal, the Court of First Instance and the Magistrate’s Court, the heads of the Appellate and First Instance Prosecutor’s Offices, as well as the presidents of the Bar Association and the Judicial Employees Association.

The proposals that will be put on the table include – according to information – the following measures:

– installation of security cameras at the entrances, an issue for which reactions from lawyers had been expressed in the past,

– installation of a magnetic gate and an X-RAY device at the side entrance (IKA – Axios Gate), where lawyers usually enter,

– permanent operation of a second magnetic gate and X-RAY at the main entrance (October 26) with an increased presence of police guards,

– checks in the underground car park of judges and officials, with the possible presence of security guards,

– shielding of all windows on the ground floor of the courthouse and other common areas.

The specific Committee will submit its proposals to the Ministry of Justice as financial tools will be required for their implementation.

At the same time, the officers of the Anti-Terrorism Service are continuing their investigations on the sender of the envelope, which contained 480 grams of gelatin dynamite – an explosive substance that was capable of causing multiple victims. The identification of the person who, unknowingly or knowingly, transported the bomb envelope to the third floor of the courthouse as a distributor (courier) is considered to be of decisive importance for the progress of the investigations.

This person – as it emerged from the investigations – delivered the file in question to the secretariat of the Thessaloniki Court of Appeal at the beginning of the month. The file was then transferred to the office of the receiving President of Appeals, where it remained for approximately ten days. The attentiveness of her husband, who is an ex-military man and happened to be in the office, came to the rescue as the file was not opened but handed over for inspection where its contents were ascertained.

At the same time, with the laboratory tests for any fingerprints and genetic material on the device, the prosecuting authorities are “dusting off” all the cases it handled recently and the decisions it issued, while it is checked whether it had been the recipient of threats. According to information, the investigations seem to focus on the criminal area.