In a complaint to SKAI via [email protected], a farmer made about POS interconnection.

Specifically, he said: “I am a farmer, the government is forcing me to have a POS while I’m only paid by deposits into an account, I don’t understand why I would pay a commission to a bank without making any use.”

The press representative of the Ministry of Finance, Omiros Tsapalos, wanting to clarify the issue, stated on Thursday morning to SKAI and the show ATAIRIASTI that the specific farmer who made the complaint “KAD should change”.

If the KAD in which the farmer is active belongs to those who are required to have a POS, he should also get a POS and if there is any need to use it. In case he never uses it, he will simply have to change his KAD to AADE”, he explained.

“At some point a customer may ask him for retail, he should have a POS. This doesn’t just apply to farmers, it also applies to other professions that apparently don’t need POS,” added Mr. Tsapalos.

It is reminded that at the end of the month the deadline for connecting POS with cash registers expires.