Around 7.30 in the morning a phone call made to EKAV was the beginning to reveal the murder of the girl from Romania, who was found dead with a bullet in the head, in her home in Heraklion on Patroklou Street in Kaminia.

According to, the person who called told the EKAV operator: “come on, there is a woman who has been beaten”. According to information, it seems that there had been another phone call in which there was talk of an episode of domestic violence.

“It was not known if he was the perpetrator. He spoke Greek well and the phone call was short,” said a competent source.

The Police were informed by EKAV and security arrived at the scene, put him in an EL.AS vehicle and took him to the police station.

The 39-year-old killed his partner with a bullet to the head

The couple lived in a 2nd floor apartment, on Patroklou Street, in Kaminia. the 39-year-old in the morning, under circumstances that have not been clarified, killed the young woman. The EKAV rescuers and the police officers who rushed to the scene found the woman dead, fallen next to the sofa in the living room.

According to information, the woman was in a pool of blood, while blood was also found on a sheet. She was wearing her clothes and according to sources she had a bullet wound on the side of her head, near the ear.