The 39-year-old man from Albania who is accused of murdering his 29-year-old partner in Kaminia, Heraklion, requested and received a deadline to apologize next Tuesday.

According to a publication of, the alleged perpetrator was brought before the Prosecutor today, who brought criminal charges against him in the degree of a felony.

The 39-year-old arrived at the Heraklion Courts with his head bowed, wearing a hood and a protective mask.

The chronicle of the tragedy

On the morning of Friday 16/02, a 39-year-old man of Albanian origin, drunk, started arguing with the 29-year-old woman, raising the apartment building where they lived.

The fight turned into a tragedy, with the 39-year-old getting a gun and shooting the woman in the head, killing her. Immediately after his act, he contacted EKAB to report the incident and ask for help.

The arrival of the ambulance at the scene was accompanied by the immediate call of the police, who found the 29-year-old dead in a pool of blood and the 39-year-old on top of her. The perpetrator, after the arrival of the authorities, surrendered without resistance and accepted his responsibility for the crime.

According to information from Cretapost, the fight was not the first fight between the couple, but the habit of incidents and tensions in their relationship had never resulted in a fatal outcome until the morning of Friday 16/02. Authorities are further investigating the causes that led to this tragic development.