Towards Athens tractors are gradually being directed from all over Greece in order to on Tuesday morning to be in Athens.

More than 60 tractors and a large number of agricultural vehicles. and agricultural machinery gathered from Thessaly to Antheli shortly after Lamia. A few minutes ago the last convoy arrived from a tractor.

Already a few minutes ago, the set of agricultural tractors and with them several trucks, agricultural machinery and many agricultural vehicles started from the junction of Antheli for the Castle of Boeotia.

The tractors that arrived from Thessaly were joined by another 12 tractors from the Anthilli block and already continue their march towards Atalanti 72 tractors and many farm vehicles. It should be noted that more tractors from the wider area will be added to the Atalanti junction and tonight they will reach the Castle of Boiotia where they will spend the night.

Alongside, farmers and breeders from Niceli, Imathia, have already loaded nine tractors onto a truck -according to the farmer Nikos Volkos- which are also transferred to the Castle of Boeotia.

Symbolic exclusions

The same time, farmers, breeders and beekeepers of the prefecture of Halkidiki, continue the symbolic blockades. Specifically, today they blocked the port of New Moudania, for more than two hours – from 11 in the morning – by lining up their tractors at the entrance of the port.

At the same time, tractors and their agricultural vehicles remain at the New Moudania junction for a long time on the Thessaloniki – Nea Moudania highway, from January 25.

Tomorrow, at 6.30 in the morning, farmers, breeders and beekeepers (more than 200 people) will depart from the prefecture of Halkidiki, with three buses and private vehicles, bound for Athens, where they will participate in the Pan-Hellenic Agricultural Rally, which is scheduled for 18.30.

As he mentioned, speaking to APE-MPE the president of the Semantron Agricultural Cooperative Filoklis Gotziaswhat will happen after the rally in Athens “we have not decided yet, but in any case we will not back down on our claims.”