These are 52 arbitrary constructions for which the demolition protocols had already been issued since the beginning of the year, while the owners of the arbitrary, as provided by law, had been notified days earlier.

However, a protest rally was planned in Ierapetra and in particular in front of the Kale fortress, on the beach of the city, as shopkeepers and people react to the possibility of demolitions.

“We are at the port of Ierapetra, from where the demolition of the tyrants is supposed to begin. There is a large presence of people, who peacefully demonstrate their opposition to the destruction of the structures that serve the shops. There is also a discrete presence of the Police. Police officers from other Directorates of Lasithi have also come. We want logic to prevail. We are asking for something humane: the extension and from then on we will be ready for the studies and for the financing for the regeneration of the new beach front after the end of the tourist season”, the mayor of Ierapetra Mr. Emmanuel Fragoulis told Cretalive.

“It is just before the start of the tourist season, so we are asking for a small extension so that the municipality can find the financial tools to carry out a comprehensive renovation of the beach front. The studies are ready, the only thing left is to find financing” says Mr. Manolis Michelarakis, president of Kafestiasias Ierapetra, in Cretalive.

As can be reasonably deduced, the owners of the coffee shops and restaurants are asking for a small credit of time so that the Decentralized Administration of Crete contractor who has undertaken the project in question, but the Municipality of Ierapetra, does not carry out the demolitions.

It should be noted that police forces are in Ierapetra while two MAT cells have also arrived.