With a central slogan “our lives above their profits – wage increases, to live with dignity”, ADEDY announced a 24-hour strike on February 28, 2024, together with private sector workers, as Labor Centers and private sector federations received same day strike decisions.

As stated in a relevant announcement, ADEDY claims the following:

“- Horizontal increase of 10% in the salaries of the employees in the State, in order to deal elementary with accuracy and inflation.

– Reset gifts here and now.

– Collective Agreements for wages.

– Abolition of the salary freeze for the two years 2016-2017.

– Abolition of the 2% unemployment levy.

– Increase of the tax-free amount to 12,000 euros.

– Increasing the allowance for unhealthy work.

– ‘Immediate staffing with permanent employees of all critical public bodies and upgrading of all necessary infrastructure’.

The gathering will take place in Klathmonos Square at 11:00 am.