Weekend in SP has a show with acrobatics and a cultural fair


The weekend program in São Paulo offers gastronomic and leisure options. Among the highlights are an acrobatics show inspired by a book by Ailton Krenak and a new snack bar specializing in seafood. See below.

Actors during the show 'Ár.vore'

Actors during the show ‘Ár.vore’ – Rafael Sa/ Disclosure

Ár.vore’ brings to São Paulo acrobatics and aerial dance show inspired by a book by Ailton Krenak

The show “Ár.vore”, which combines aerial dance and acrobatics with projections of images of nature, premieres this Friday (23) at Teatro Antunes Filho, at Sesc Vila Mariana, in the southern region.

Produced by the group Cia Cânica Nau de Ícaros, the show is inspired by the book “Ideias para Adiar o Fim do Mundo” (Companhia das Letras, 2019), by writer Ailton Krenak, the first indigenous person elected to the Brazilian Academy of Letters.

Only on display until Sunday (25), “Ár.vore” focuses on acrobatics performed with the help of a system of ropes, pulleys and a climbing chair as an artistic language. The entire lifting system was developed by the theater company over its more than 20 years of existence.

In addition to the aerial movements, the presentation includes images of forests and rivers that are also projected onto the actors’ bodies, accompanied by music. “The project shows that art, spirituality and nature go together and are engendered”, explains the group.

Not only Krenak served as inspiration for the show. “Ár.vore” also carries poetic influences from the Italian philosopher Emanuele Coccia and the Yanomami indigenous leader Davi Kopenawa, co-author of “A Queda do Céu” (Companhia das Letras, 2010).

The show, according to the company, still encourages viewers to reflect and envision ways out of the collapse of nature and the end of the world through its language.

Directed and scripted by Marco Vettore and co-directed by Erica Rodrigues, the sessions are only available this Friday (23) and Saturday (24), at 9 pm, and on Sunday (25), at 6 pm.

Antunes Filho Theater, at Sesc Vila Mariana. R. Pelotas, 141, Vila Mariana, south region. From February 23rd to 25th. Tickets from R$50 (children up to 12 years old are free) at sescsp.org.br

Mars Mission

The free exhibition is on display at the West Plaza shopping center (av. Francisco Matarazzo, s/n, Água Branca). The exhibition features replicas of objects used by astronauts and by NASA, the North American space agency. Lasting approximately 1h30, the experience takes place in two rooms — the first houses items brought from the Kennedy Space Center, based in Florida, in the United States, and in the other the public interacts with space-themed activities. To visit, you must register and reserve a time on the website (kscia.internationalschool.global/missaomarte)

Mission Mars Exhibition

Mars Mission Exhibition – Disclosure

Eastern European Cultural Fair

This Sunday (25th) the new edition of the Eastern European Cultural Fair takes place, which features crafts and gastronomy typical of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Romania. In addition to the cultural attractions, the public will also be able to watch a live music performance from 1pm. Vila Zelina, which hosts the fair, is home to the tradition and culture of Slavic countries. The event has free entry and takes place next to the Vila Prudente Ecological Park (r. Aracati Mirim, 115). The fair starts at 10am and goes until 5pm

Russian dolls

Spring edition of the Eastern European Cultural Fair, in 2017 – Marcus Leoni/Folhapress

Notorious Fish

The brand specializing in fish and seafood sandwiches, which only operated for delivery, gained its own address, in Pinheiros (r. Padre Carvalho, 123). The combination snack bar and bar serves the recipes that made it famous, such as choripolvo (R$65), a baguette stuffed with grilled octopus tentacle, plus chimichurri and aïoli. In the colorfully decorated room, snacks are also served, such as squid cracklings with tartar sauce (R$55), and drinks, such as the shrimp bloody mary (R$44), which contains shrimp. The house is open every day for lunch and dinner

Dishes served at Notorious Fish, a snack bar in Pinheiros

Dishes served at Notorious Fish, a snack bar in Pinheiros – Gabriela Batista/Disclosure

Source: Folha

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