#Hashtag: Rain in Petrópolis is associated with the climate crisis on the networks


The storm that hit Petrópolis (RJ), in the mountainous region of Rio, on Tuesday afternoon (15), caused floods and flash floods that resulted in at least 44 deaths, according to the Fire Department. With more rain forecast in the coming days, social media users mourn lost lives, ask for prayers and draw attention to the climate crisis.

The images that circulate on the networks are terrifying.

City residents and friends and family of victims ask for prayers.

In just 6 hours, it rained more than expected for the entire month in the region. “Climate collapse is a reality,” warn other users. Deforestation, fires, cattle ranching and excessive paving were identified as catalysts for the tragedy. Many criticize the lack of action by the government, which “seems to have grasped the idea of ​​the dead acceptable always” when it comes to poor people.

The insistence on the model.

A reality.

Daily signals.

“Their lives are worth as much as ours”, says a profile that draws attention to the neglect of animals in the face of tragic situations.

The time is now to join efforts to support victims. In this link, learn how to help. Celebrities and institutions also make their contributions. Casimiro, a streamer who is the current phenomenon of social networks, said he donated R$ 30 thousand, and invites anyone who can collaborate.

Influencer caught a barrier fall. See the moment:

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