Today, the farmers are carrying out new mobilizations outside buildings and squares, while the Minister of Development and Food, Lefteris Avgenakis is in Brussels participating to the Council of Ministers on the changes to the CAP.

Ioannina: Farmers outside of the headquarters of the Region of Iperi

Mass descent and march with the tractors take place at noon on Monday farmers in the center of Ioanninaoutside the headquarters of the Region of Iperi. Farmers and breeders with tractors and agricultural vehicles initially gathered at the entrances of the city of Ioannina and then proceeded on a motorized march to the center. Tractors are currently parked on the steps of the Epirus Region and more than 100 agricultural vehicles and tractors have blocked the city center in front of the Region.

According to epirusonline, the farmers demand immediate measures for the survival of the sector them, such as a reduction in production costs, the non-implementation of the new CAP, checks to stop Greekisation, infrastructure projects for anti-flood shielding, etc.


The farmers in Messolonghi are also on the streets

The mobilization of farmers in Messollogi is dynamic. According to agriniosite, farmers from Agrinio and the wider region went today, Monday, to Messolonghi with their agricultural machinery and participated in the protest outside the building of the Regional Unity of Etoloakarnania following a call from the Occupancy and Neohorio Agricultural Associations. The gathering was scheduled for 11:30 in front of the Messolonghi Labor Center as part of the pan-European mobilization in all major cities, following a call by European Agricultural Associations where the issue of the New C.A.P will be discussed in the European Parliament.

At the same time, the Agricultural and Livestock Cooperative “Acheloos” of Neochori as well as the Agricultural Associations of Lesiniou and Xiromero carried out a symbolic blockade at the Port of Platygiali. Shortly after 1 p.m. the tractors entered the city center passing through the Messolonghi Gate.

They closed the customs office of Evzones

Farmers symbolically closed the customs office of Evzones after 12, as they had planned, but only for trucks.

“We will close the borders only for trucks, to send the message that the Greekization of products must stop,” explained Grigoris Iliadis, from Imathia, speaking to GRTimes.

“We are not backing down! We will gather from many blocs of Greece in order to decide on the future of the mobilizations”, said Giorgos Diamantopoulos from Pieria. He emphasized that he does not have great expectations from the EU MED-9 meeting as it is only a meeting of the ministers of the South.

“We are taking more drastic measures, closing the borders, so that the government can understand” said Kostas Rouzios from Malgara. “We will support our colleagues in Kilkis”, he emphasized.

The farmers of Halkidiki, who until recently symbolically closed Moudania avenue, are also going to the Evzones rally today.

The Niki customs office is closed for four hours

At the same time, farmers and breeders from Florina and all of Western Macedonia proceeded at 12:00 to close the Niki customs office. The border in Niki will remain closed until 16:00 for trucks carrying goods, but also for citizens moving with their vehicles.

Larissa: Farmers scattered bales of straw at the customs office

Protesting farmers arrived at the Larissa Customs in order to proceed with a three-hour blockade today, Monday morning, on the occasion of the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Agriculture of the European Union. Coming from Farsalon Street, honking their horns, they lined up their tractors outside the building, and later entered its interior and scattered straw bales, according to onlarissa.


“We are symbolically closing the Customs as a sign of protest against the Hellenizations that are taking hold. We call on the Government to solve problems that it still can. We are asking for tax-free oil, the electricity horizontally must go to 7 cents per kilowatt hour,” the president of the Agricultural Cooperative of Platykampos, Mr. Yiannis Koutsoukis, told reporters.

“We will continue and we will not stop if we are not vindicated. The prime minister should have come already,” noted a farmer.


The customs officials also support the farmers’ struggle. As the vice-president of the 5th Union of Customs Officials, Mr. Efthymios Milionis pointed out, “we are on their side. We call on the Government to provide immediate solutions to the “hot” problems of our farmers”.

The tractors are expected to be driven and camped in the Central Square.