The trial of the case took place sporadically in the hall of the Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki of the rape of a minor with her uncle by reason of anxiety being accused.

The alleged victim’s mother collapsed during her examination by magistrates and had to be treated by medical staff. “My house is an open grave. I’m afraid for my child, he doesn’t eat, he doesn’t want to study”, she said, slapping her hand on the witness stand where she was standing, just before passing out.

There was a commotion in the Criminal Court room and when the woman fell, the 53-year-old defendant rushed to help her, but collected the outcry from relatives and some moved threateningly against him. After the court adjourned the accused’s estranged wife also collapsed (the girl’s aunt) who fell while leaving the room, while an ambulance unit with engines was called for her case.

According to the indictment, the 53-year-old, temporarily detained, is being prosecuted for abuse of a minor and rape, acts committed in 2016 and 2021, when the alleged as a sufferer she was 11 and 16 years old. The case made its way to Justice, when the girl revealed to her mother what had happened (in August 2022). There had been previous visits to a psychologist because the mother found scratches on her daughter’s hands, as she testified. The trial was adjourned for the first 10 days of March