He blames the government for an operation to cover up the “crime of Tempe”. the New Left.

In her announcement, she cites a publication of ethnos.gr, according to which “the National Organization for the Investigation of Aviation and Railway Accidents and Transport Safety (EODASAAM) which was legislated in January 2023 remains essentially without railway investigators” and adds that “the conclusion that was promised Mr. Staikouras, of course, does not exist.”

He then argues: “By choosing the governing majority instead of an investigation, we have a cover-up. With the choice of the government majority, crucial witnesses were excluded from the commission of inquiry, with the choice of the government Mr. Karamanlis was protected, with the tolerance of the government, obstacles were placed in the investigation in the field of the tragedy to the point that crucial elements were altered to the point of disappearance”.

He refers to the Prime Minister’s statement today saying that “she is hypocritical. It is both provocative and deeply offensive to the memory of the 57 people who perished. Towards the families who are grieving and asking for answers”.

In closing, the New Left pledges that “nothing will be forgotten. We will not allow a cover-up, we will fight with all means to deliver justice.”