Serious incident was noted at the Gymnasium – Lyceum of Ebesou in Agrinio with a 25-year-old woman booing in class and hitting a third-grader.

According to information, the 25-year-old broke into the room of the 3rd High School, where her brother is a student, and started causing a disturbance.

Although the details of the reasons for her invasion of the classroom are still unclear, it appears that the situation escalated into a serious incident when the 25-year-old attacked a student with a chair, who was allegedly making fun of her brother.
As a result of the attack, the student was injured immediately He was admitted to the Agrini General Hospital to receive necessary medical care.
According to the latest information, the police authorities of AT Empesos managed to arrest the 25-year-old woman shortly after the episode. The exact motives and circumstances that led to this disturbing attack in a school setting remain to be investigated.
The parents and guardians of the students are in shock after the incident and are awaiting further information from the school authorities and the police on the security measures to be taken to protect the students in future.