Next Tuesday, the Iraqi man who, in a state of insanity, attacked a 22-year-old woman in Ermou with a knife at noon on Friday, hitting her twice on the shoulder blade, is expected to apologize.

The Iraqi was brought to the Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday morning. A case file was filed against the perpetrator for attempted murder with intent in combination with the possession and use of a weapon, while he requested and received a deadline to apologize next Tuesday.

A rucksack on the young woman’s back appears to have protected her from a life-threatening blow as the assailant attacked her back.

Possibly, the Iraqi man will also need an expert opinion from a psychiatrist, as he told passers-by “he attacked the woman because he thought she was a spy who was watching him”.

The 22-year-old remains in the ICU in serious condition

At the same time, the 22-year-old girl, who was attacked with a knife at noon on Friday in the center of Athens out of nowhere in the busiest street of the capital, is being treated in the “Evangelismos” ICU.

Her state of health is good after the long-hour surgery to which she underwent yesterday. It is not intubated and communicates with the environment.