An episodic pursuit of drug dealers took place at noon on Saturday in Mazarakia, Igoumenitsa, which resulted in the collision of two vehicles, the arrest of two people and the seizure of a large quantity of processed cannabis (chocolate).

According to the first information, it all started when her men drug prosecution Igoumenitsasignaled for a check on a vehicle moving on the old Makrichora – Mazarakia road.

The driver of the vehicle did not obey the police signal and fled, resulting in a pursuit.

Inside the village Mazarakiathe driver of the suspect vehicle, lost control, crashed into a parked vehicle and came to a stop.

Immediately after, the two occupants tried to escape on foot, with the men of the Igoumenitsa drug prosecution managing to immobilize one of them on the spot, while they managed to handcuff the second one after a chase.

Inside the vehicle, the police found four bags of processed cannabis, of the “chocolate” type, the amount of which is estimated at eighty kilograms.

The two arrested, a Greek and an Albanian, have been taken to the Thesprotia Police Department, while the vehicle belonging to a relative of one of the arrested was confiscated, as well as the transported drugs.