A large-scale operational exercise on paper with the participation of officers of the Hellenic Police and services from all over Greece under the code name “Beauty” took place today and it is the first exercise carried out on the topic of sports violence and its main objective was to create an organized framework for discussion and exchange of views, on issues and challenges related to the implementation of the provisions of the institutional framework and the security planning of sports events .

“It is of great importance to create a flexible and good administration system” underlined the Minister of Citizen Protection in his short greeting Michalis Chrysochoidis. As he pointed out, at the moment many officers of various ranks and different services are involved in all operational actions, resulting in confusion and many times not having the desired result. He called on the participants to be constantly alert and have their reflexes tense so that, as he said, and in combination with the use of technology, “we can make the police efficient, fast, innovative and ‘smart’ again”.

For his part, the general secretary of Public Order, Manos Logothetis he said: “We are in a new phase in terms of sports violence and I am referring from the State’s side. We have very good cooperation with the teams, we have put in place a new legal framework regarding the technological means that should be present in the stadiums in order to hold a match with greater security rates”, while expressing his optimism for the success of the new measures knowing, as he said, and the effectiveness of the House.

In his greeting, the head of the Greek Police, Lt. Gen Dimitrios Mallios characterized sports violence as “one of the major issues”, even stressing that “it is also an issue for the Greek Police itself. A question of honor” while laying the groundwork for the revision of the emergency response manuals so that, he said, “we can get better, get the supplies, to deal with these issues in a better and more effective way.”

The deputy leader of EL.AS participated in the exercise in physical presence. lieutenant general Paschalis Syritoudisthe Chief of Staff of the Headquarters, Lieutenant General Asterios Manziokas, the General Inspector of Southern Greece, Lieutenant General Georgios Michalopoulos, senior and senior officers of the services of the General Police Directorate of Attica, while the General Inspector of Northern Greece, Lieutenant General Christos Bouloumbasis and the officers from the General Police The Directorate of Thessaloniki and the rest of the General Regional Police Directorates of the country were connected and participated through the teleconference system of the Hellenic Police.

As emphasized in the relevant announcement, the scenarios of the exercise, which was edited by the Unified Operations & Crisis Management Coordination Center of the Hellenic Police Headquarters, were of escalating difficulty and included simulated events for the phases before the realization of a sporting event (e.g. information management , threat assessment, policing planning) and during its implementation, both inside and outside the sports facility (e.g. implementation of policing, incident management, coordination, interoperability).